Hi, I am Anubhav and this is my blog!

Like all blogs, this site too was started as a collection of my ideas, photos, travel stories and other things that keep me occupied. I love trying and learning new things and consider myself as a mile wide but an inch deep, though it’s nothing in comparison to what Nathan Myhrvold has managed to accomplish!

Of the various teams that build a successful business, I’ve found myself enjoy the Ops role the most with inclination to work closely with the technology, product and analytics teams to keep innovating and automating processes. I’ve had the opportunity to work with big and small companies. Frequently changing dynamics based on the current company/project but with a base of analytical mind-frame has defined my working style. This diverse experience has made me work and think fast and slow, so, I can now adapt to any working style fairly quickly and start getting shit done! ;-)

I am an INTJ personality type, love building systems, processes and flowcharts, and dread small-talks and monotony! Also, I would like to state that all opinions expressed on this blog post reflect my personal views and not of my employer.

Being a member of the online photography community, in however distributed manner, I was working on a personal project – photowalks.in (previously photowalkrs) which started as a platform for photowalking community during my college days, but now exists as magazine blog to feature the photowalking groups around the globe that are doing a kickass job! The project didn’t continue but my love for travel photography has only grown with time! I think nothing comes close to energy and excitement of working during the initial high growth period of early stage startups! My photography skills might be getting rusty with time but I do enjoy it whenever I get the chance..

You can pick one of the categories such as Travelogues from the menu to begin with. If you like the blog, or have any suggestion, let me know!