Digital Media List

Well, this is where things are getting complex. I’ve got a page each for my reading, watching and music playlist but I believe there is still an adjacent space that can be filled within this page.

As I said, most of my reading is on non-fiction and most of it happens digitally now. To keep up with the ever-increasing content I shifted to Twitter pages of publications to be able to follow most of the mainstream publications on a common platform instead of following them individually. For lesser known blogs which aren’t updated as frequently, I’ve got Feedly.

And, where I’ve started spending time on is audiobooks and podcasts. Because finding dedicated time for reading is getting tough, so the audio format helps keep up! I’ve got a few audiobooks on Audible and lots of podcasts on Pocketcasts. Sharing my shortlist of 10 podcasts that I follow and you should checkout

While I can’t embed a live feed of my subscriptions, since such a embed feature doesn’t exist, I’ll keep updating this section periodically. Here are all the blogs and podcasts that I’ve discovered over the years –