Digital Media List

Well, this is where things are getting complex. I’ve got a page each for my reading, watching and music playlist but I believe there is still an adjacent space that can be filled within this page.

As I said, most of my reading is on non-fiction and most of it happens digitally now. To keep up with the ever-increasing content I shifted to Twitter pages of publications to be able to follow most of the mainstream publications on a common platform instead of following them individually. For lesser known blogs which aren’t updated as frequently, I’ve got Feedly.

Also, I spend considerable time on email newsletters, podcasts and youtube subs. They provide bite-sized content that fits well into the schedules of modern life. For podcasts, I am on pocketcasts for the ones i track individual episodes and spotify for mainstream ones like news channels. On spotify, I just the shows once a week or so.

While I can’t embed a live feed of my subscriptions, since such a embed feature doesn’t exist across platforms, I’ll keep updating this section periodically. Here are all the blogs and podcasts that I’ve discovered over the years –

Feedly –

Pocketcasts –

I’m still working on organizing my youtube subs and email newsletters, will add those as well once done.