Play List

Lately, I’ve cut down on music and mostly use it as a functional add-on. I listen to high tempo electro tech music while running, ambient or jazz instrumentals while working or reading and maybe the usual rock n pop songs when I feel like.

Plus what I am realizing is that I hardly listen to the few hundred songs stored on my phone and instead I am constantly sampling new songs over streaming apps. So, when I do like a song that I would like listen to again, I usually add them to a playlist, so sharing a few of them here –

And, where I’ve started  spending time on is audiobooks and podcasts. Because finding dedicated time for reading is getting tough, so the audio format helps keep up! Sharing my shortlist of 10 podcasts that I follow and you should checkout –

  1. a16z
  2. exponent
  3. masters of scale
  4. paisa vaisa
  5. revisionist history
  6. shunnya one
  7. the knowledge project
  8. saastr
  9. the seen and the unseen
  10. waking up