Reading List

I used to read many more books than I do now, both fiction and non-fiction. But over years I’ve found videos and digital media getting added as an important channel along with the books. Here is how I think about it -I find blogs and digital magazines as the best channel for non-fiction as online articles can have embedded links to supporting references and tend to convey the key message better.. I’ve also been following a lot of video blogs as while traveling on a bumpy road watching videos can be easier than reading articles on a phone screen but I would say the split is 80:20 in favor of written material. However for fiction it’s the other way round, there are stories that Netflix offers at such convenience that it becomes much engaging and easier as compared with books. I’ve created this page to recommend some of the good fiction/non-fiction content I consume.

I read a lot non-fiction stuff mostly blogs and articles off the internet magazines. I like reading books on Technology, Business and History to mention a few topics. I tried maintaining a separate page for the books I’ve read and my reviews on those books, but I really don’t see a point in taking all that pain in maintaining it when I can do all that and much more at my GoodReads profile.

Also, how can I forget posts on internet – blogs, magazines, etc. Think of  the list below as my blogroll. I was an active google reader user and this page infact started out as a page to share my bundles. Now that the reader got discontinued by google, these bundles won’t get updated as I add new feeds in  my reading list, but I would try to update them once in a while. I am now using feedly for my feeds. Here are 5 topics that i follow regularly and I am sure you would find a few good feeds in these collections –

I am really excited about the ecosystem that feedly has created, I’d recommend downloading the app and get started with it, and in no time, you’ll build a reading list that is really relevant for you! Also, twitter and medium remain my platform of choice to follow interesting people and their opinions. All thanks to Ev Willams!

As a reference for self, I started mapping the prominent digital publications in India, to keep myself aware of their inherent bias. I do keep checking other publications as well occasionally. I plan to work on a review of all of these once I get a better grip over their content philosophy.