Where I’ve been

I like traveling and perhaps I like it because it is an excuse for me to getaway from my daily life and explore a new place, click some good photos and meet new people. I like the whole experience of journeying to a destination and observing how life is present everywhere some of which is unique to that place and rest is similar to what I have at my own place. This process can be repeated easily and yet every journey is unique. I guess traveling is the best way to break the monotomy of daily routine life and after every trip, I feel rejuvenated to tackle the weekdays with greater self-motivation.

Isn’t it strange that people continue to live their own lives oblivious of each other’s existence and we are just a small insignificant part of the whole scheme. Traveling makes this fact even more evident but this is a bigger discussion in itself!

I will be listing down the places I’ve visited on maps below and with each place is a link to a blogpost of the experience I had at the place and a g+ photo album of the photos I took at that place. I will try to include information on the historical signicance of the place, what I shot there, why I did that and how my trip can possibly help yours. I hope it will help you in some ways.

I will keep updating this page as I go on more trips and photowalks, now that I have setup things to post about such trips, I will be more regular and consistent in posting about them.


Trips from BITS – These are the places I had been to while at BITS. Most of these trips were during ongoing semesters or/and internships, so I managed to write detailed posts about only a few of them. This section should have had more trips and travel accounts. Since I wasn’t very regular with blogging, I was learning about the different platforms and had shifted my blog 3 times, I missed out on posts that I could’ve written. But still, I enjoyed clicking at these places and perhaps would visit them again in future!

Weekends at Bangalore – These are the weekend trips I’ve made during my stay at Bangalore. I was working at ExxonMobil and usually had the 2 weekends at my disposal. I’ve made a lot short trips in this time-frame, used to take the overnight bus on Friday night and return to Bangalore on Monday morning just in time for work. This was the best kind of backpacking, usual trip cost would be around ₹4-5000 and there just too many options in all directions from Bangalore.

Gurgaon Escapades – Breaks taken from work while in Gurgaon. Job has changed, I no longer have full weekends to my disposal, thus the frequency of trips would be less, let’s see how this section pans out!