a crazy travel journal

It’s been about 15 days that I’m back from DesignYatra, the conference I had attended at Goa. It was a brilliant event organized by the Kyoorius group, but this post is not how good the event was, but on certain things I was tracking during the trip.
I had a smart-phone and a few dumb-apps to give me company for the entire trip. I was on move for about 75 hours in the entire trip and this included trains, buses, cabs and even a bike for about 30 minutes. The bike came in between an adventurous part of the trip, more on that later!
The dumb apps mostly helped me in keeping track of how many places I had visited, how many songs I had played while traveling, how many pages I had read and then I did some manual count as well for some other apps. I just wanted to compare how my usage pattern changes when I am traveling as compared to the regular days. Travelfoot will offer a wide variety of travel options.
I’ll start with Foursquare, I checked-in at Hazrat Nizamudin Station in Delhi and then checked in at every major station when the train stopped. It’s kind of difficult to check-in everytime I stop or arrive somewhere, mostly because nobody gives a damn about it including me! but then I did it whenever I could remember. I, infact, have kept 4sq4 on my homepage so that I get reminded to check-in more often. I thought it would be a better way of letting the family know where I am currently rather than calling up home to keep them updated. So, in all I checked in at 17 places, not bad, hanh!
Music is definitely my best companion during any trip. Books, atleast the real ones, have a constraint that you need light to read them, but this doesn’t apply to my phone and about 500 songs I have on it. So, yes, I listened to about 265 songs in my 7 day trip. I was almost busy for the entire 3 days during the conference, so that leaves out about 250 songs for 4 days of travel or about 62.5 songs per day for these days. As compared to my usual stats from last.fm, I’ve played about 2450 songs since June 2012 which comes out to roughly 20 songs per day. so, yea i guess all the reflective mood during the trip comes out from these extra songs. I never thought that someday, I’ll be making this inference from my last.fm profile!
Next comes, the book I am currently reading – Quiet by Susan Cain. It’s a brilliant book and you should definitely read it if you want to know more about the way introverts differ from extroverts. The book has detailed case studies on neurological, social, cultural and psychological differences between the two kinds of people and some findings are not the way you would expect them to be. I had just started the book before the trip, had read about 50 pages and by the end of the trip I was at 200th page. A lot of journey was overnight, so couldnt finish the book, although it was really interesting to read. The book really demands slow reading, one can’t just skip some part of it, everything is explained in detail.
As I said, books have a disadvantage that one can’t read them during the night time, so I gave that time to Dr. House instead, I simply couldn’t argue against him, those who know House would understand! Although my charger died in the return trip, but I managed to watch about 14 episodes of season 1 while going towards Goa.
Some other things I was tracking was the number of tweets I had made during the entire trip, so that number comes out to 98 but it also includes feeds from 17 Foursquare checkins, 8 Instagram uploads. I hardly used my laptop for tweeting all this while, thus I guess all these 98 tweets came from my phone of which I had typed 73 on my phone keypad! Cool! and I thought I hate typing on phones!
So, yes this is one crazy journal of the things I did while traveling and how much technology has become a part of our lives. Without even noticing we are collecting and storing huge amounts of data about our habits. Infact, this has been one of the key motivations for me at Photowalkrs. I wonder what all wonderful things can be done with all this data using 3rd party apps. What  do you think?

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