Product Assignment : Smart Refrigerator

I recently worked on an assignment to design a smart refrigerator, which I thought I’d finish in a weekend. However, then I did some research about what’s already happening in the market, which obviously opened up a few more tabs in the browser and this weekend assignment turned into a project worth spending time on. […]

GST simplified for a business owner

If you’ve been following the national news, you must be aware of the big tax reform coming up next month. The numerous existing taxes are getting consolidated into a single overarching tax – Goods and Services Tax. India is not the first country to implement the GST. For example, in Canada GST was introduced in […]

Thoughts on building customer experience

Customer Experience is the new buzzword in digital startup communities! A lot is getting written on inculcating it in the company DNA and consultants are advising companies on how they can improve their operations to create customer delight during their interactions. The challenge with CX is often it isn’t as refined as financial metrics in […]

Analytics Stack – Predicting the future of modern data teams

I see a systemic change in how we are leveraging the analytics teams at organizations and as a result a complete new analytics stack is getting developed where people with different skillsets are individually working on the different layers of this stack. This evolution path is similar to how software development teams came up over the last […]

Community Outreach

A happy new year to all the readers, ours is a small community but growing with time! 🙂 2014 was a good year, it was the first full-year of work for me, as I had shifted to Bangalore in 2013 for work after graduating from college. Through this post, I would like to highlight 2 NGO […]

Learning continues after college

Today, I wrote the final exam of my second course on Coursera. The course was titled – “A Brief History of Humankind” and I don’t think I’ve ever taken a more important course than this one, so much so, that I am almost compelled to write this post so that anyone who might be interested […]

Home Expenses Template

It’s been exactly 100  days that I last posted on the blog and this last post of mine was on shifting to Bangalore and starting with my first job! I shifted here in June, but even after 4+ months, the city is yet to impress me. Bangalore has little charm. Everyone here seems to be stuck in […]

1 year of mapping my music

I have been conducting an experiment since last 1 year by mapping all the music I have been listening. I learned to play many instruments with music lessons in home and I’ve been getting better since then. I started scrobbling my songs on 2nd June 2012 and today it’s exactly 1 year past that date […]

why instagramming is not that bad

I love the Instagram app, there, I said it! but before you hit the close button thinking this post to be a joke , hear me out on why Instagram is the best thing that happened to phone cameras! Before Instagram, not many people used to take their phone cameras seriously, it was hardly used […]

Losing Control

Today I was left vulnerable for quite sometime after I had lost control over myself, while all this happened at a local bar… it got me thinking on something bigger – It’s not the fear of failure that gets you, it’s the fear of losing control (that does) Everyone strives for control in this world […]

rethinking traditional assumptions & business models

I was filling out a form for Kairos Society, where I am a fellow. It is a global network of student entrepreneurs and we basically are there to help out each other in whatever possible ways. I am infact looking out for more fellows from the India-West region. If you or any of your friends have […]

Running a startup is a like running on a manual treadmill

Agreed, it’s not a great analogy but it fits logically! And I am a student of mechanical engineering, motors and rollers is what I could think of when I was thinking about an analogy! Startups are like manual treadmills and entrepreneurs are the ones running on them, while on the other hand, people with a […]

Building Entrepreneurial Society

I am quoting John Naisbitt, the famous author on future studies; who said In a world that is constantly changing, there is no one subject or set of subjects that will serve you for the foreseeable future, let alone for the rest of your life. The most important skill to acquire now is learning how […]

Y U NO Decide Faster?

I know some of you might be expecting the Y U NO guy now, but I think you got the question! You, yes you… Y U NO decide faster? I have been wondering on this topic for a while, how much time do you take to make a decision? I know that’s a weird question […]

does your English Vinglish matter?

It’s been months that I have had this thing rolling in my mind, I’ve even had long discussions and arguments with friends over this – why do Indians give so much importance to their English Vinglish. I am happy and kinda relieved that now with the movie released on a similar issue, I can write […]

loving the new windows 8

I am writing this post from the WordPress app on Windows 8 which I had installed on Sunday. Till now my Windows 8 experience has been simply superb, I love the look and feel. The new UI has massively upgraded the UX, which till windows 7 was a pain point for Microsoft. I was present […]

Note Making

It’s very important in today’s world to keep a track of what all you are supposed to accomplish on a daily basis. Maybe, that’s why there are so many tools and apps that allow you to make notes, jot down to-do, plans for not just your professional but also your personal life. I am a big […]

The Haimish Line

[Haimish is] a Yiddish word that suggests warmth, domesticity and unpretentious conviviality; Haimish, its root from the German Heim, or Home, reflects not so much hominess, casualness, as it does acceptance, of feeling safe among friends. Probably you would have already read about the famous Haimish Line concept in this article by David Brooks of […]

Lightroom Review

Recently, I was asked by the editor of one of the campus newsletter to recommend a photo-editing software in their latest issue. I decided to write a piece on Lightroom as it’s simply the best software out there, there is not a single photo of mine that you would have seen which wouldn’t have gone […]

Changing Paradigms

This post is more of an ongoing thought-process in my head than my opinion on enigmas of our daily life. From last few months, I have been working on a startup idea – PhotoWalkr, which trends in the internet space and as the name suggests is related to photography, So, based on the things I […]

yes, even we can !

It is said that success comes only to those who are really passionate about their work, those who burn the midnight oil and have the desire to innovate and excel. Plagiarism has been existent in our world but everyone seems to be silent about it, perhaps the ones who plagiarize are more powerful than the […]

5 Gears Of Your Startup Wagon

I have enrolled for a program at BITS called NVC – New Venture Creation – it is helping student start-up teams in setting up their ventures. It’s a brilliant initiative by some dedicated alumni and faculty at BITS and has really helped the students by providing them a launchpad into the real enterprise world. I […]

Too Complex To Categorize

The world goes by a certain rules and guidelines, which everyone is expected to honor and follow diligently, without asking any questions or raising any doubts. Even before a person has reached his sanity, there is a set of ground-rules, that he has to fulfill, in order to be accepted by the society. I’m trying to focus on the […]