Mumbai Matinee

It always feels a bit discomforting to get back on a chair and type out this letter to self about past experiences and thoughts. Let’s just accept that this blog isn’t really the kind that gets updated with a predictable frequency and I am going to partly blame the phone-driven social media for me not […]

Classical Indian Dance – A Contemporary Evening

I recently got the chance to attend a dance concert at IIC, Delhi. Inspired by the rains, the concert was themed on the monsoons and was titled – Varsha Ritu, the Rainy Season. The event was split in 2 days, each day hosting 2 dance performances of 1 hour each, in between 6PM and 8PM. The […]

Changes I pushed within – 2016

I have not been active on this blog, as much as I would like to be and it is hard to find a reason that has stopped me from posting apart from myself; maybe I don’t like blogging as much as I have claimed in past. Yet, here I am with no aim in mind […]

Life in the fast lane

Judging from the erratic frequency of my posts this year, it is only logical to assume that something has changed drastically, so it is time to let the cat out of the bag! I quit my job at ExxonMobil earlier this year in March and shifted back to Gurgaon, my home city. It was a […]

Publishing an e-book

Today, I am publishing work from a new project that I’ve just taken-up. I’ve been working with my grandfather, evidently very excited about the whole thing, to release a set of e-books. There are 2 books in pipeline, a set of essays on family members, mostly family elders that I haven’t met but he has and […]

New Kid In The Town

It’s been over a month since I started up with my first job after college and in the process.. shifted to Bangalore. This post in on my first impressions of this new life. I had been told enough times by many people that college life is nowhere close to real deal and I agree with […]

Big Change

I am writing this as I am travelling to Red Fort for my last photowalk in Delhi, for I am shifting to Bangalore 2 days later! Everything seems to fit right now…. the first photowalk I had gone for after buying my DSLR was at Red Fort and today before leaving Delhi, I am sort […]

life in bits

It’s been 10 days that I left Pilani for the final time. Yes, I’ve completed my four years as a BITSian and the experience was overwhelming to be expressed in words as a blog post. I still remember my first day when I had left from home to come to Pilani, I was unsure about […]

Status Update

This is one of those posts that has been doing rounds in my head from last couple of days. I initially didn’t want to write about it since it is not exactly a happy memory that I should be sharing with people but then who cares anyways… I needed something to do. I’ve not been […]

Unbox Festival Opening at Zorba

The night of 7th at Zorba was rather special as a super line up of musicians and artists was present and performing for the opening of the UnBox Festival. I was present at the venue on the behalf of MuseJam and was photoblogging at the event. I am thinking of doing more of such posts […]

Photowalkrs was hacked!

Yes, it’s true! Photowalkrs was hacked a few days back, on day of Christmas eve to be exact, and was down for almost a day before we could get it live once again. Photowalkrs was back on Christmas though, so nothing to worry! Before this gets anymore exciting, I must tell you that things are […]

Photowalkrs Blog is now live!

I thought starting this blog would be the perfect way of starting the New Year on a good note 🙂 – the redesigned Photowalkrs blog is live and running! Photowalkrs has been in a stealth mode for sometime, yes, this is the term that we entrepreneurs use when we aren’t really working very hard. But, […]

a crazy travel journal

It’s been about 15 days that I’m back from DesignYatra, the conference I had attended at Goa. It was a brilliant event organized by the Kyoorius group, but this post is not how good the event was, but on certain things I was tracking during the trip. I had a smart-phone and a few dumb-apps to […]

Un-expected adventures of August

I’ve just come back from Yatra, yes, that’s what I’ll call it… After being on bed for about 20 days and not being able to walk all that time, this was a pleasant and much needed comeback trip! About the not being able to walk – I had an accident, broke my left arm and […]

life log

How much people care about maintaining a log of their day-to-day activities? I really like the services and sites that let me keep a record of things I have done in the past. It’s so good to see everything being documented somewhere and you always have an option to share it with others. For me […]

dealing with failure

Although I had a topic in mind for last month’s post, i was too lazy or maybe, unmotivated to write the post, now that I am back at home and will be spending quite sometime here, I hope to make up for my uninspiring attitude. Well, a lot has changed in a matter of few […]

Night Prowler

I like the way artists work, no schedule to follow, and you can never be having questions or doubts as to what exactly are you doing. The other thing i like about art is you never have to question about your work, you are the sole judge of your work because it is only you who […]

The Entire View

There are sometimes in life where less is more than enough for what you had expected for. Sometimes in life, there are already important things going on in life but still you feel that life is an unfinished canvas and there is always room for more details, but then at times because of this, you end […]