Fintech Resources

Since this is my domain, I do spend a lot of time catching up with industry news and researching product innovation happening in the space. These are resources that I’ve found helpful. It’s not an exhaustive list surely and it’s impossible to keep up with the content really! I am still trying to find a way to polish and then publish my notes.

But it’s important to understand banking or fintech is already too broad a term and no one bank or a fintech app developer can cover the breadth of it. Here’s a map I made sometime back. It’s already too big to be seen as a static image but I can’t embed the live map on the blog.



Video Courses

API Reference

I’ll keep updating this page like others. If you find this page helpful, tweet it out to your network, that’s how we all discover these resources!

Found this curated list of blogs, podcasts, API reference from major fintech publishers, app developers and experts in the ecosystem!