Reading List

I used to read many more books than I do now, both fiction and non-fiction. But over years I’ve found video, audio and digital media getting added as important channels for learning along with the books.

I find blogs and digital magazines as the best channel for non-fiction as online articles can have embedded links to supporting references and tend to convey the key message better. I’ve started following a lot of youtube channels as while traveling on a bumpy road or standing in a metro train, watching videos can be easier than reading articles on a phone screen but I would say the preference is still 70:30 in favor of written material. However for fiction it’s the other way round, there are stories that Netflix and Youtube offer are at such convenience that it becomes much engaging and easier as compared with books and articles.

I’ve seen my average count of paper books to have come down to 5 per year. I still have a Goodreads profile but yeah it’s not as active as it used to be.

My main digital reading happens via Feedly where I follow 500+ blogs which to be honest are getting harder and harder to keep up with. For those blogs which publish too frequently, I prefer newsletters instead of updates per post. Stoop is a nifty app in the market to follow newsletters without cluttering your mailbox. Funny coincidence is that I got to know about the app while reading one of the blogs on Feedly! Since there is already a problem of plenty, so I subscribe to a limited set of newsletters, and weekly editions wherever possible.