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Hi, I am Anubhav and this is my blog!

Like all blogs, this site too was started as a collection of my ideas, photos, travel stories and side projects that I’ve been working on. I love trying and learning new things and consider myself as a generalist, the inspiration for leading life this way came from a TED talk by Nathan Myhrvold who has managed to excel in some crazy number on unrelated fields!

I was working with Axis Bank as a product manager for the CMS business till mid-2019, post which I joined a NBFC as the product manager for our workflow-oriented underwriting platform. I started as an analyst and transitioned to product management gradually. You can know more about the earlier roles on my Linkedin profile

I am an INTJ personality type, love building systems, processes and flowcharts, and dread small-talks and monotony! I’ve been told I’m still affable enough for the world, so as long as we have something in common to talk about, we’d surely strike up a conversation.

Check the blog header for pages and posts I have added to this blog. Pages are usually where I spend most of the time on the blog, as these are my most recent and active interests. Plus, using pages allows me to try a new note-taking app in the market and embed it here instead of using the default wordpress editor. I’ve come to love Airtable, Notion, Paper, MyMaps, Pinterest and others.

Posts are further divided into categories but these days I don’t post much, and instead prefer Twitter threads and Instagram stories. Now that you’re here, you can pick one of the categories such as Travelogues from the menu to begin with.

I’d recommend you to subscribe to the blog via email notifications as I don’t update it frequently and I don’t see how else you’d get to know about a new post, unless I share the link myself with you, ofcourse, considering the limited audience of this site, haha!

If you like the blog, or have any suggestion, let me know! Cheers!