Multitasking Monkey

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Hi, I am Anubhav and this is my site!

This site started as a collection of ideas, photos, travel stories, and side projects that I’ve been working on. I love trying and learning new things and consider myself a generalist, the inspiration for leading life this way came from a TED talk by Nathan Myhrvold who has managed to excel in some crazy number of unrelated fields!

I work as a product manager in the fintech space, developing digital products for enterprises and financial institutions. I started as a data analyst and transitioned to a team lead role over time. Let’s leave the work stuff to Linkedin.

I am an INTJ personality type, love building systems and processes, and dread small talks and monotony!

This site doesn’t change very frequently, but not because it’s lying dormant, rather because the way I use it has evolved over time. It started as a traditional WordPress blog, but overtime it has become a landing page of sorts to other apps that I actually use. I just come here once every few months to ensure the links are pointing to the right destinations. These pages are collections of maps, photos, lists, or simply notes about things that I find interesting. I keep adding/editing notes (often on the go via phone) and the pages here just link to these notes (often on other apps).

I use Hey World for posting updates from my life and have my personal and work notes on Notion. I prefer to keep editing and adding to these notes each time I read them vs blog posts that are timestamped.

I am at [email protected] if you want to contact me, cheers!