Appreciating Bangalore

While Bangalore has been a base for me, I’ve not really written about the city itself. Usually I tend to write about trips made during vacations. Whatever little I’ve clicked in the city gets posted on Instagram directly. So, here is a quick album on all Bangalore from multiple occasions.

MP Trip

We had a simple but an elaborate plan to cover MP Itinerary 12 – Take night bus to Indore from Gurgaon at 9 PM 13 – Reach Indore by 11 AM and leave for Mandu immediately from local bus stand. Check-in, fresh up, have lunch. Explore local market or monuments. Sleep at the hotel at […]

Spiti Valley – A Road Trip To NoWhereLand

Picking up from where I had ended the part 1 of the Himachal trip.. We had just completed the trek, had crossed the Hampta Pass a day earlier, and had reached Chattru. If we’d have gone for a standard trek package, we’d have ended our trek here and next step would be to head back […]

Hampta Pass Trek

I just came from a 10 day long trip and I’m feeling quite happy about it! Usually it’s the new place, new experience that’s major booster for post-trip happiness but not in this one. I backpacked solo after almost an year and had my camera with me, not just in the bag, but around my […]

Revisiting Tamil Nadu – North of Kaveri

A couple of weeks ago, I had a chance to be back in Tamil Nadu and visit places which I couldn’t cover in my earlier trips – part one and part two! I loved this trip as each city I had been to was really old and writing about the trip afterwards became a lesson in […]

A lazy layover in Gujarat

I was in Gujarat last month for almost a week, the sole purpose was not travel, feels strange to travel to a far-off place and travel not being the top agenda, right? But we had enough time on hand, that we decided to cover a few places and the lazy layover became a fun leisure […]


A lot of people know Coorg as a popular hill station on the Karnataka/Kerala border that is a perfect weekend getaway, but it is one such place that just can’t be covered in a single trip. I am finally writing this post after my third trip in the region with the hope that I now can […]

Malaysia – Truly Asia

Malaysia is a popular tourist destination, on to-do lists of a lot of travelers, and I got my chance to cross off this item from my list last month when I learnt that I had to travel to Singapore for work. I was lucky to have managed to squeeze in some time for Malaysia before […]

Exploring North Karnataka – Part 1 – Bijapur

The Deccan produced some of the greatest Dynasties in Indian History like the Satavahana dynasty, Vakataka dynasty, Chalukya dynasty, Rashtrakuta dynasty, Western Chalukya Empire, Vijayanagara Empire and Maratha Empire. What is missing from this list is the Bahmani Sultanate which too emerged and became obsolete in the deccan soil. It is partly true to say Bahmani […]

3 Tamil cities in 3 days – Day 2 and 3

It took me some time, around 2 months, to work on the second leg of the post on the trip to 3 Tamil Nadu cities in 3 days. Infact I have traveled to a few places in this while and was confused whether to complete the backlog or to post about the new trips, but […]

3 Tamil cities in 3 days – Day 1

North and South India can be totally different cultures and it shows in celebration of festivals. Coming from the north,  Holi and Diwali are the biggest 2 festivals for me, but here in south, we pretty much don’t celebrate both. Instead, there are other festivals, some of which I had not even heard about before […]

Ajanta Ellora Caves

I had made a trip to Ajanta Ellora Caves in February. It turned out to be a fun trip as I was joined by a few other friends from Mumbai and Pune. And because, I was meeting all these friends from college and school after a long time, I decided to extend the weekend and […]

Belur Halebidu

I traveled to Belur and Halebidu last month to visit the famous Hoysala temples in the 2 cities and what a trip it turned out to be! It was really good because of how much we were able to cover in just a weekend, i felt really happy with the shots i got there and […]


I had decided long back that since I had not been traveling much after shifting to Bangalore, I wouldn’t be going home for Diwali but instead would be traveling. So, after looking up on internet on the places nearby, I chose Hampi, an ancient city which at its peak was one of the biggest in […]

Royal Rajasthan – Udaipur

I had the chance to go to Udaipur last weekend. It’s a beautiful city, erstwhile capital of Mewar Kingdom and has been called the “Venice of the East” due to its lake side hotels and forts. Udaipur also has the national honor of being called the City of Lakes and that’s how it is popular […]

Jaisalmer Desert Festival

I was at Jaisalmer last weekend and I had gone there to attend the annual Desert Festival of Jaisalmer and what a trip it proved to be! Jaisalmer is one of the famous cities in Rajasthan and is a must stopover for any traveler. Jaisalmer is called the Sunhari Nagari i.e. the golden city as every […]

Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal looms fairytale-like from the banks of the Yamuna River. It’s India’s most recognized monument and is also one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Taj Mahal has a rich history dating back to 1630 AD. It’s made out of marble and took 22 years and 20 000 workers to complete. […]

Temples of Khajuraho

A picture can speak a thousand words but one visit to Khajuraho is worth a thousand pictures. The Temples at Khajuraho are known worldwide, they are famous for their rich Hindu architecture, their size and also for the carvings on their walls. I always wanted to go and see the temples myself and finally this month, […]