I like traveling and perhaps I like it because it is an excuse for me to getaway from my daily life and explore a new place, click some good photos and meet new people. I like the whole experience of journeying to a destination and observing how life is present everywhere some of which is unique to that place and rest is similar to what I have at my own place. This process can be repeated easily and yet every journey is unique. I guess traveling is the best way to break the monotomy of daily routine life and after every trip, I feel rejuvenated to tackle the weekdays with greater self-motivation.

Isn’t it strange that people continue to live their own lives oblivious of each other’s existence and we are just a small insignificant part of the whole scheme. Traveling makes this fact even more evident but this is a bigger discussion in itself!

I will be listing down the places I’ve visited in maps below. I’ve been maintaining different maps for the different chapters of my life. For now, I create a new chapter as I move cities, but maybe these divisions would become independent of location, as I would like to base myself out of Bangalore for next few years.

I will keep updating this page as I go on more trips and photowalks, now that I have setup things to post about such trips, I will be more regular and consistent in posting about them. Well considering that I am not as regular about posting about trips I used to be, let’s take it as a section that’s updated once in a while!