Play List

Lately, I’ve cut down on music and mostly use it as a functional add-on. I listen to high tempo electro tech music while running, ambient or jazz instrumentals while working or reading and maybe the usual rock n pop songs when I feel like. When with a group, a hindi playlist is what everyone dances to!

Plus what I am realizing is that I hardly listen to the few hundred songs stored on my phone and instead I am constantly sampling new songs over streaming apps. So, when I do like a song that I would like listen to again, I usually add them to a playlist which I am now trying to curate otherwise I keep loosing my tracks in the clouds, so sharing a few of them here –

Spotify has a lot of playlists that it has generated on all sorts of genres, sharing some of those which I really loved and keep coming back to!

and now sharing some of the playlists that I’ve curated myself over time

Plus, I’ve got a few audiobooks on Audible and lots of podcasts on Pocketcasts. Honestly, i spend more time on podcasts these days, versus time spent on exploring new music on Spotify.