The Entire View

There are sometimes in life where less is more than enough for what you had expected for. Sometimes in life, there are already important things going on in life but still you feel that life is an unfinished canvas and there is always room for more details, but then at times because of this, you end up losing something more valuable – the overall theme, so to say. So, have some negative space in your life, otherwise it can become difficult to respect the value of our achievements.


This was my first post on this new blog that I’ve started, thanks for having a look 🙂 I plan to write more often, click more often and post both my writing and/with my photos.


3 thoughts on “The Entire View

  1. have a place for nullity in ur life, dats how we can respect the value of ur possessions, ur achievements nd ur good memories.I love you!!! ANUBHAV, start writing 🙂

  2. but this negative thought also directs you towards positiveness, i.e even nullity in life is eventually creating space for something new..!!

  3. Anubhav,Your name resemblance what you are trying to understand the true fact of life. If you can feel and enjoy with minimal, then you can go for max. The real energy is to achive the desire, which does not have any made path. The real joy is to make your own road and reach. It is tough for a creative person.Go ahead, we all are walking in the same way.

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