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How much people care about maintaining a log of their day-to-day activities? I really like the services and sites that let me keep a record of things I have done in the past. It’s so good to see everything being documented somewhere and you always have an option to share it with others. For me former holds more utility than the sharing facility. It is not about the number of likes you get, its the number of entries in the log, that keeps you going. What about you, what are your views on it?These public logs of my day to day life come mostly from my hobbies, i mean no one keeps a public log of their bank accounts or what they had for meals, right? So, the point is, its much easier these days to keep up with a hobby. Keeping a log of your updates helps you to gauge your progress by comparing it with the activity logs of your friends. Sometimes, one might be in need of a push to regain the enthusiasm and there is no better a motivator than a peer getting ahead of in terms of photos clicked, books read, places traveled, albums heard, or whatever one’s hobby is. Thus, silently these logs are helping me build a bond with my hobbies and its always a nice thing to look back to whatever you have accomplished. One can only have a limited hobbies, and the ones on which I love spending my time are – reading, traveling, music and photography. I have found these platforms to log my hobby-updates –
I believe travel and photography go hand in hand. Plus the thing with travel and photography is that they are social hobbies. One often listens to new music alone and even reads a new book alone, but a lot of people travel with friends and click with other photographers. Thus, travel and photography are social hobbies and that’s how they should be logged on internet. I couldnt find a perfect match to log my photowalks, photography trips with fellow photographers and detours with friends, thus I decided to come up with Photowalkrs. I am one of the co-founders of the startup and we have completed the alpha phase of the product and now are giving finishing touches to the beta product which will be released to a closed group of photowalking groups in Indian metro cities.this post is not for the promotion of my site, but yes, it would make me happy if Google Analytics would be showing me a hike in page-views directed from the above link ! 😀
Continuing on the topic of life logs, the best thing about these sites is that they supplement facebook profile of a person by populating it with feeds automatically and with relevant and apt information, that the user himself wouldn’t have added. These include things like – sharing of foursquare check-ins, updating the pages you have read of your current book on goodreads and so on. Thus, with one click I can share updates with friends and I always have the option to not share all the updates as well. These sites have figured out a way for mutual existence with facebook, they certainly cant replace facebook ever, so no one is even competing now, except for google+ perhaps! facebook has now become a person’s central profile and i dont see how it will change in the near future. Even if google+ takes over facebook, then also it will be a central profile that is connected to other services for content to be put up on the profile. I love g+ over fb, thus I would be very happy if my central profile on g+ would become the primary one rather than that on fb.
The best thing is with so many people using internet and smartphones, sites can target niche segemnts as well, its not about 100 million users anymore, even 5 million happy and active users are enough to run a business. Photowalking is pretty niche, and i dont worry about it, infact i’m happy that we are solving a real problem. I know of sites where I can log my health related entries, credit and debit of calories and so on. So, pretty much every hobby can be logged if it has global presence. Let me know about any other site that you know of where I can log my updates in a particular area, would be nice to find more such sites, and maybe get some more interesting ideas for photowalkrs ! 😀

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