Y U NO Decide Faster?

I know some of you might be expecting the Y U NO guy now, but I think you got the question! You, yes you… Y U NO decide faster?

I have been wondering on this topic for a while, how much time do you take to make a decision? I know that’s a weird question and there is no answer to it, but generally how much do you think while making a decision ?

I have the following belief – stronger your conviction is in a particular matter, faster will be your decision. Conviction and Passion are a thousand times stronger than logic, and hence affect the decision making process accordingly.

What I mean to say is when you have to take a call on something related to close to your heart, then you can immediately make  a decision, suddenly pros start to outweigh the cons but when it is an unknown matter, then, we start to think logically,  we start extrapolating and then discounting the future returns to present date to calculate the present efforts. It is a proved result when we are excited,  brain remembers rewards, forgets punishments. Although I must say it isn’t a safe bet always, but that’s not what my focus is on for this post.

I want to highlight that I also apply this in the reverse order, whenever I see a person taking too long to make a call, apart from understanding that he/she is a logically wired person, I can make out that he/she isn’t convinced of the underline idea yet. Whenever there is passion, there is an undying desire to make it work and then even after knowing the negatives, you focus on the positives.

I think the dynamic nature of a person is defined by the swiftness of his/her decisions and I particularly like those kind of people who are ready to take risks for what they believe in. If you take your time to think about everything in life, then you aren’t live enough!

Also, I came across this piece and it tells me I should ask people whatever I have to at exactly 11.59 AM so as to have their complete focus! I wonder how true is that but let me know of your thoughts as comments at exactly 11.59 AM tomorrow 😀

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