Photowalkrs Blog is now live!

I thought starting this blog would be the perfect way of starting the New Year on a good note 🙂 – the redesigned Photowalkrs blog is live and running!

Photowalkrs has been in a stealth mode for sometime, yes, this is the term that we entrepreneurs use when we aren’t really working very hard. But, it’s never too late to increase the effort we put in something we really care for! So, here I am.. taking that effort on behalf of the Photowalkrs team!

This is where we will be posting about interesting photowalks, events, workshops and trips that we come across. The photowalkrs platform is under construction, so for now we are posting about the photowalks that are being conducted by various groups on their own platforms. But this blog will be even more awesome once things are in full flow!

But there is more to a platform in Photowalkrs… we want to be the place where you come after buying a camera and we help you with different ways it can be used. Photowalkrs is not a photography school but an virtual open university where everyone teaches each other. It is extremely crucial to be a part of your community and empowering photography community is what we want to do in the crudest sense.

How you can contribute?
If you are organizing any photography event in near future or has a friend who might then post about your event on Photowalkrs or maybe let us know about it and we will post it. I think you know how community driven sites work – “more the merrier”

One thing I’d suggest is to signup for our email newsletters from the footer below, it’s the easiest way of getting updates from the Photowalkrs blog without having to visit the site regularly. You wouldn’t want to miss out on any events happening in your city would you?

So, yes, have a happy new year everyone and may you have a good time 🙂

PS – also, this is my first post on the blog after the major redesign and shift to my new address –
I will be much more active in blogging and a lot of it would be what I am learning everyday from my everyday experience at Photowalkrs and other things I encounter.

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