Losing Control

Today I was left vulnerable for quite sometime after I had lost control over myself, while all this happened at a local bar… it got me thinking on something bigger –

It’s not the fear of failure that gets you, it’s the fear of losing control (that does)

Everyone strives for control in this world in an attempt to create a small world of their own. Having control over themselves, over their surroundings is the only thing that people need to be able to sleep at night. Infact, the reason I’m writing this post at 4 AM is because I am striving for this very control over my surroundings or probably it’s my OCD kicking in!

Isn’t it true that when you fail, you still try to give XYZ excuses that led to that failure just so that you can console yourself that you still have the situation under control and if you’d have done those XYZ things the right way, you’d have achieved success. When you can’t give reasons behind your failure you blame it on God and say that although you had control but still couldn’t have crossed God’s way. I do this as well and it’s always good to have some higher authority to be blamed when you can’t possibly blame anyone else. This is why it’s better to be an agnostic rather than being an atheist! It’s not the fear of failure that gets you, it’s the fear of losing control.

So, how do you maintain your control ? Well, I believe, it’s a fluid combination of maintaining self-discipline and acknowledging your responsibility that makes you stay in control. However, you can always extend this region of control around yourself, all you have to do is believe! Yes, it’s that simple! Just believe in yourself and in your surroundings that things will workout if you work hard and smart. Believing in your surroundings, in your friends, your team members, your projects or whatever you value, boosts your confidence which in-turn increases the control you possess and express.

Lastly, in my opinion, it’s more important to remain optimistic and have a believe in the core of your heart that things workout for those who tread the path long enough. And… It’s alright to lose control sometimes and just live the moment on belief!



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