life in bits

It’s been 10 days that I left Pilani for the final time. Yes, I’ve completed my four years as a BITSian and the experience was overwhelming to be expressed in words as a blog post. I still remember my first day when I had left from home to come to Pilani, I was unsure about the place, had never heard about it before and didn’t know a single BITS alumnus. In contrast to the first day, the last day was full of memories created at BITS, I was with my friends, the ones I had met at BITS and it wasn’t easy to say goodbye. BITS has always been about the BITSians, no other college in India has such a vibrant and multi-talented pool of students.

I’ve spent lot lesser time at classes than what was required, at BITS we have the liberty to attend or miss the classes, nobody keeps a count, one just needs to pass the exams. It’s a great thing because people end up doing stuff that they really want to instead of sleeping in lecture halls. I could really explore so many things because of this rule. I watched movies, saw documentaries, read interesting non-course books, explored music, explored the internet, learnt computer packages, did projects and thus what I know about the world is much more than what an average engineer does. Some of this knowledge might have come at the cost my grades but then I have no regrets, I took charge of my education the day I entered BITS and didn’t exactly play by the rules. Whatever be it, 2009A4PS315P as an identity has contributed the most in defining me and probably it’ll hold the top spot till very end.

I wanted to write a note that would sum up my time at Pilani but there are so many things that come to my mind that I’ve not been able to give it a structure till now. So, I’ve figured a solution for this! Just like how kids in the 80’s and 90’s used to make mixtapes, I’m making this mixtape as an ode to the time spent, lessons learnt and memories created at BITS Pilani. If I were to pick a soundtrack for my life, I would have chosen these songs!

The album art is a sketch by my friend Rohit Pamnani. He had made this sometime back and if you’ll zoom in, you’ll be able to see that he has really touched upon every aspect of a BITSian’s life. This sketch was his tribute to BITS.. Not as flamboyant as Rohit’s sketch but I too made a set of photos on Pilani in my g+ albums, as a tribute you can say. You can have a look at the photos here.

Well, coming back to the mixtape… this mixtape is dedicated to BITS and BITSians. I hope you’d be able to relate to the songs even if you’re not a BITSian!

life in bits from exeperience on 8tracks Radio.

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