New Kid In The Town

It’s been over a month since I started up with my first job after college and in the process.. shifted to Bangalore. This post in on my first impressions of this new life. I had been told enough times by many people that college life is nowhere close to real deal and I agree with that but not in the way things were told to me. Also, Bangalore is very different from Delhi and I’m just getting to know the place, although I miss Delhi life but yes, things look good here as well.

bangalore rooftop

The photo above is of the view from my apartment terrace – I live at Kundanahalli and  what you see basically is Marathalli, South East Bangalore and almost at the periphery of the city

Things are good in Bangalore.. the local people were kind enough to accommodate folks from all over the country without any economic and demographic issues and the terrain here is pretty as a picture with all the lakes and hills but there is one thing I’m starting to dislike already… the constant rain! Look at the photo I’ve clicked and posted above and that’s  how the sky is everyday! Every evening there is a drizzle for 20 minutes and somehow it is perfectly timed with the time I get off from work. It’s not really a pleasant walk on the sidewalks when I keep stepping in puddles. I prefer walking over taking a bus for upto 5kms as the traffic is really crazy in office hours (where it isn’t in any big city, so, I won’t blame Bangalore for it) but this rain is kind of a deal-breaker.

I’ve been putting up just fine here, actually I’m living with four strangers in a flat but it just so happens that everyone in the house is good and there haven’t been any problems so far in this arrangement. I’d like to take sometime to mention that our arrangement here at the flat seems like one decided after a long discussion, it can’t just be that we all got here in this flat by chance. I am from Delhi, my room-mate was born in Pakistan and now lives in Gujrat!  Also, we have one Bengali, one Maharashtrian and one Andhra guy. I couldn’t have myself picked more distantly related and pan-India combination of people to be flat-mates. Each of us has a different mother-tongue and ours can be a good plot for a TV series. I’m just glad that everyone knows enough Hindi to have a general conversation. Whatever this situation is, I’m having fun adjusting to it and learning a lot while living with people who are very different in many day-t0-day things. This is the part I feel is different about real life from the one I had at college. Everyone there had a similar mindset, similar interests and it was really easy to have a conversation about anything as people had similar opinions and views about life.

I’ve been trying to live on the principle – Your personality is the average of the personalities of the five people you live/interact with on a daily basis.

As a result of this although I’m meeting many new people, but I am sort of rating them on my imaginary scale so as to keep my top 5 choices really a good mix of everything. It can be a fun exercise once you get a hang of it, try it sometime!

I won’t go into further details, but yes, I see a much open culture here in Bangalore, maybe it because of the young crowd, i guess see many more people from my age group, the ones who grew up with technology and are more influenced by Americans as compared to their own grandparents. So people might judge you here based on your clothes or the phone you use but not on the basis of your religion or your caste. I see a lot of cafes here which again is a sign of open culture which encourages discussions and collaborative projects.  I’m hoping to find new team members to work on new projects, someone who might be interested in photography, travel and technology like me. There are new ideas bubbling in my head with every line I type but I guess you need not know everything right now..

I’ll end with the thought that I am hopeful from the city of Bangalore that I’ll enjoy my stay here and this would be a memorable chapter of my life! 🙂

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