loving the new windows 8

I am writing this post from the WordPress app on Windows 8 which I had installed on Sunday. Till now my Windows 8 experience has been simply superb, I love the look and feel. The new UI has massively upgraded the UX, which till windows 7 was a pain point for Microsoft. I was present at DesignYatra,  a conference held earlier this month at Goa, where Rodney Edwards, Principle Design Manager at Microsoft was speaking about how Microsoft has designed the new UI to give emphasis on the content. He rightly said that one should not look at design of any app, but the eye should go to the content at once. Windows 8 with it’s minimal and UI does exactly what it was meant to do, it increases the utility factor so much.

I won’t write a long review right now, I need to explore all the features to write a in-detail post but from what I see right now, my experience won’t be bad, sure, all the apps aren’t lightning fast, but I can live with that if things make sense like they are doing right now. I was infact so impressed by the new UI that I stopped forwarding my mails from my live account to my gmail and instead shifted to outlook.com! The same UI continues there as well and the best thing is that I can chat with my facebook friends from inside of my mail client as part of their messaging service.

I think if things go well like this and Microsoft is able to establish Windows Phone as a dominant platform such that all developers start building Windows Phone apps as well along with iOS and Android apps, I might as well get myself a Nokia Lumia. I love the hardware and the OS already, just a few more apps and I believe I would be ready for a shift.

I am writing this post to give Microsoft a pat on the back and thanking them for not giving up, for their perseverance,  for constantly innovating even after being labelled as a company that is lagging in new-thinking. I believe this time Microsoft has got it right and I can bet on WIndows 8 to bring a smile on everyone’s face. Here is mine 🙂

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