Publishing an e-book

Today, I am publishing work from a new project that I’ve just taken-up. I’ve been working with my grandfather, evidently very excited about the whole thing, to release a set of e-books. There are 2 books in pipeline, a set of essays on family members, mostly family elders that I haven’t met but he has and the other one is his commentary on Indian history, with the two major chapters being on the 2 epic Indian poems – Ramayan and Mahabharat.

He had been thinking about penning down his thoughts from a long time and finally they have now taken up some shape n form. His essays started in his diaries, in Hindi ( हिंदी ), with an ink pen. I have taken up the responsibility of digitizing the essays, publish them as e-books and hopefully release a translated and edited version in English.

The below pdf is the online copy of the first printed book, which i would now translate in English, the title for this one is – अतीत का पुनरावलोकन  (phonetic – Ateet Ka Punravlokan) this roughly translates to “reanalyzing the past”

If you’ve published ebooks in the past, then do share your tips, would appreciate help in translating Hindi to English with some possible automation! One good tool that I’ve found for quick edits is Input Tool by Google, lets me edit text without having to search for the virtual Hindi keyboard. Also, I’ve come to realize this project would be a good exercise in revising my Hindi grammar!

[google-drive-embed url=”” title=”Ateet Ka Poonrvlokan.pdf” icon=”” width=”100%” height=”1100″ style=”embed”]

3 thoughts on “Publishing an e-book

  1. Wow. Some nice posts your have got yourself on this blog. Looking forward to reading your post(s) on Tour De Satpura in coming September then 😉

    1. Yes for sure! I’m still a newbie in cycling world, so would be writing from a perspective of a beginner on how to get started with touring events in India 🙂

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