A lazy layover in Gujarat

I was in Gujarat last month for almost a week, the sole purpose was not travel, feels strange to travel to a far-off place and travel not being the top agenda, right? But we had enough time on hand, that we decided to cover a few places and the lazy layover became a fun leisure trip! I was actually accompanying parents as we all were helping my sister shift to Gandhinagar, where she has taken up admission in IIT-Gadnhinagar. I was lucky that parents had agreed to backpack in my style and we ended up covering a lot in the 3 days we had for traveling. Although, getting drenched in every 2 hours is not a great feeling but monsoons being off-peak season for tourists, we never had to wait in queues anywhere! I would still call it a win! Below is the itinerary you too can follow for a 3 day trip to Gujarat in the monsoons –

Here is how the trip was scheduled along with info on places we had covered in the respective cities –

Unlike other trips, this one was more focused on selfies and groupies clicked at the monuments, so, I wouldn’t go in details about the places we’d visited, but i am sure if you’re interested, you’ll find a lot in the above links! I would leave you with the gallery of the photos I managed to click, a lot of these ones coming from my lumia, which actually did a decent job. Can you spot the difference in quality without zooming-in? I can’t and that does make me happy!

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