Changes I pushed within – 2016

I have not been active on this blog, as much as I would like to be and it is hard to find a reason that has stopped me from posting apart from myself; maybe I don’t like blogging as much as I have claimed in past. Yet, here I am with no aim in mind but also nothing better to do instead. Talk about loving your freedom!

Interestingly, we’re not new to these hallowed opening lines – “I don’t post as often as I would want to” . So, I am definitely not the only one who keeps trying to get back to the blog but then give-up without publishing that post and let the idea vaporize. I haven’t figured out how to overcome this invisible self pushing me down, but let’s move on to the changes where I could make some progress and hence sharing the updates. This might as well become a regular feature and hence I’ve added the label 2016. I’ll share another update at end of 2017, if not sooner.

I couldn’t find a single long idea to write about, which also is good enough to go as an year end post being published months after the last one, so, I have decided that I’ll make this post a collection of shorter ones. Let’s not be too hard on ourselves on this first day of the year!

Some of these ideas were to become individual posts by themselves but they had been lying as draft notes for so long that I had almost forgotten about them that they would ever get published. I need to change the way I post, either force myself into a routine to post on this blog otherwise resume micro-blogging on twitter. Either option is better than capturing ideas as a note but then letting it rot in the note app instead of getting it out in the public. If you want to be more dramatic about this, then the message is don’t strive for perfection, focus on progress. 

I admit it, this quote came from the internet and quotes are a great way of communicating ideas. I’ve always wondered why the best ones are the most elegant phrases you’ve ever heard?! Think about it, the ones you remember are somehow the easiest way you could’ve communicated that particular idea, and that’s partly the reason that makes them so effective, isn’t it so? Like, who in the middle of their work is thinking about the perfect combination of words that have a deep meaning underneath yet are easy enough to remember verbatim?! It never happens this way, the best quotes are carefully crafted, maybe even perfected over versions and not just discovered or spoken in the moment. So, it is possible that the famous guy who does the work may not be the one who would’ve strung those pearls of wisdom, there might have been someone editing his words and ideas because that’s what he’s good at, only that, not the work that produced the quote.

What I mean to say is that effective communicators have made themselves better over time over time, and we must keep working on this skill even if it is a secondary skill for us, for I believe, we’d need to work half as hard with just 20% more focused effort on communication and keep everyone in the team motivated to do their job. I totally made up this relation but I’m sure if we do an empirical study, the results wouldn’t be far off. Interesting side note – While you’re creating your next motivating phrase, it’d be worth the effort to make it rhyme!

That’s it, these are the 2 key themes that I’ve kept at the back of my mind, more so in the 2nd half of 2016. Also, I did get a lot of other ideas to write about while writing this one, I’ll soon be back here.

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